Commercial Structural Inspections

Commercial Property Structural Evaluations

Whether you are an individual investor or are representing a corporation or trust, Level Engineering can provide you the clear, practical information you need to make a sound investment decision.

We work with investors to understand their goals and concerns and recommend services appropriate for their needs, ensuring a practical outcome.

For some investors, an inspection, analysis and verbal consultation is sufficient for a go-no go decision while other circumstances require services such as document review, a full written property condition assessment, repair recommendations and cost estimates. While many firms have a one-size fits all report, we feel that in some cases this increases costs while providing non-relevant work-product.

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Make sound business decisions based on clear, practical information about your commercial project

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Commercial Property Structural Evaluations

Concerned about the ‘bones’ of your potential investment? Our licensed Professional Engineers perform a thorough visual inspection of the commercial building that encompasses its overall structural condition, focusing on all the critical building structural components.

After verbal consultation with our clients, we coordinate our findings in report form commensurate with our client’s goals. The written commercial building inspection report provides a detailed summary of our findings, highlighting building strengths as well as any weaknesses or potential problems we identify. We clearly explain a building’s condition, so our clients can make confident, informed decisions about their potential investment.

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Structural Forensic Consultation

Level Engineering provides a common-sense approach to structural forensic work, focusing on both the cause of the structural issue as well as the economical recommendation for necessary repairs.

Common structural issues we consult:

Level’s commercial inspection engineers are experienced in failure investigations and provide valuable knowledge and insight for litigation and insurance claims as well as mitigation and repair.