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Structural Inspection For Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are a real estate agent representing your client through the buying or selling process, a homeowner, or a lending institution, LEVEL Engineering is your independent expert.

Our structural engineers assist real estate agents and mortgage companies when:

  • Home inspection services have identified potential issues
  • Your buyer is concerned about cracks, water damage, settlement, remodeling options
  • The property has finished spaces or decks not originally permitted
  • The closing is being held up and you need a licensed engineer NOW
  • New regulations require an Engineer’s Certification as part of the underwriting process

We specialize in structural inspection & engineering services for real estate transactions & underwriting in Greater Denver and the Front Range, including Fort Collins, Longmont, Boulder, Westminster, Thornton, Broomfield, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Creek, Castlerock, Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

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A series created for real estate agents and their clients. Home transactions can be tricky waters to navigate without credible information. We strive to elevate your services to a level above the rest by empowering you with the best education and tools on the topic.

Why is Colorado Soil so Different?

85 million years ago, Colorado was part of the ocean. As the ocean retracted, and the Rocky Mountains formed, the layers of ground were formed from silt, clay, and different rock components.

These soil elements have left homes with many different foundation problems. Homeowners and Real Estate Agents only discover this problem when they are buying or selling a property.

Yes, 85 million years ago, Colorado was part of the ocean. As years progressed, the ocean retracted from the land that is now the Mountain West of the United States. This retraction of land caused layers of different sediments to form versatile soil horizons.

Under the homes in the Front Range, there are 85 million years of sediment built up from the ocean. It is made of layers of silt, clays, and various rock compositions.

3 Steps to Assessing Your Home’s Structural Integrity

why colorado soil is different